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History of Campaign

RAAG (Road Accidents Action Group) was established in 2017 following various consultations with communities who felt that most of the road outreach programs are not reaching them. The NGO is the brainchild of accident victims who are resident in different parts of the Kingdom of eSwatini.
It is arguably the first-of-its-kind non-governmental organisation in the land. Its core mandate, is to cut down the increasingly cases of motor vehicle accidents caused by cattle/livestock.

Sanele Sibandze, Our Director

Our roads have proved to be dangerous place for motorists, residents and visitors in Swaziland , everywhere you go you find wandering stock.  Mbabane resident Sanele Sibandze, who originates from Lavumisa, who drives on the road everyday to work, took the initiative to create this campaign, after he had his own car  written off after he hit a black beast on the highway near Satellite.

The purpose of the entire campaign is  to try create awareness to the threat livestock brings to the residents of eSwatini and make the roads safer.




The structure of RAAG consists of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Management.


To constitute a special division for ensuring that all livestock and domestic animals are kept away from the roads by 2022


To provide public relations services related to communication on continuous and regular road safety awareness campaigns. Conduct research and implementation of technical assistance activities and operational support from partners, NGOs, Government and international Organizations.Disseminate information through all forms of electronic or print media, roadshows and including distributing publishing products.

Our Vision

To pursue publishing activities such as educating communities on road safety and dangers of livestock on national and private roads.
To promote performance of activities for cleaning, bush clearing and road reserve maintenance.
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